Walter Alienson - Aztec Records artist

Walter Alienson—Too Alien for Earth, too human for outer space.

Nearly 4 billion years ago, the instability of Planet V forced Walter to migrate to planet Earth. Last tracked event of Walterian activity regards a space-time vortex surrounding the Earth, which absorbed his spaceship and caused Walter to travel in time to a different decade from our current one. As he was working to repair the damage caused to his spaceship, Walter decided to use the technology he was able to find at that time to compose new music and leave a record of its existence.

This led to a collaboration with British artist Minute Taker. Both composed and produced the single ''Neon lines'', mixed by US mixing engineer Matt Aslanian (Jessie Frye, Timecop1983). After meeting in an online synthwave fan group, they joined forces remotely to create this irresistibly nostalgic synth-pop song that explores how the retrowave movement brings like-minded people from all over the world together in their shared love of all things 80s.

Walter also has collaborated on a remix for singer-songwriter, drummer, and producer from Argentina, LAU. ''The Fire Remix'' is part of the album Circumstance (The Remixes).

''Reach Back Through Time'' is the second collaboration between Walter and Minute Taker, also mixed by Matt Aslanian. The song has influences from 80s synthpop such as A-ha and Pet Shop Boys. Walter continues to captivate audiences with his sound, leaving a mark on Earth's musical landscape.

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