We are Aztec Records

Aztec Records is a British independent record label founded in 2010 by Laura Fares (aka LAU) and Ariel Amejeiras, specialising in Synthpop / Retrowave / Synthwave, which are subgenres of Pop and Electronic music inspired by the 80s.

The record company counts with over 70 artists currently in their roster and has released acts such as Bright Light Bright Light, NINA, Zenith Volt, Sunglasses Kid, Owlle, Gryff and many others.

One characteristic aspect of the Retrowave nostalgia is that fans are buying physical formats more than ever (vinyl/CD/cassettes) and Aztec Records has seen a considerable growth in their physical releases sales in the last year as demand for this style of music grows.

As more mainstream artists such as Dua Lipa, The Weeknd or Miley Cyrus are going all 80s (aesthetically and sound-wise), this once regarded “niche” market only keeps getting bigger.

With their publishing arms, Aztec Music Publishing and Instant Feel Recordings, their catalogue has been used on placements for brands such as Mercedes Benz, Hugo Boss, Adidas, Uniqlo, Victoria’s Secret, as well as games, tv shows and films.

Aztec Records are on fire! They keep signing the best artists on the scene” Kaarin Zoe Lee, Nightride FM

Our Labels


    Record Label / Retrowave, Synthwave, Synthpop ⚡️


    Record label / Music in Spanish - Electronic and Synthpop ⚡️

    Aztec Latin 

    We work with amazing composers, sync agents and sub-publishers around the world ⚡️

    Aztec Music Publishing 

    Worldwide Distribution and Record Label / Publishing and Sync ⚡️

    Instant Feel Recordings