Tommy Conuntach ia a Berlin-based vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist signed to Aztec Records. “Back To Me Again“ is the first single of the upcoming album that is scheduled for the end of 2023.

Tommy produces all his music in his home studio using classic and modern analog synths; the pads are from a classic Roland JX8P, the bass is a modern Prophet Rev 2. The lead sound is layered between an Oberheim OBX8, a recreation of the iconic OBX from the early 80s and an original Roland D50. This results in a sound that blends between 80s synthpop nostalgia mixed with modern synthwave, mostly inspired by iconic 80s groups like The Outfield, Journey and Roxette.

“Back To Me Again“ is based on a 10 year old guitar recording on his phone. Back then he was on the verge of an aspiring music career, but like ever so often, life got in the way. He lost track of himself, until recently rediscovering this old memo and remembering what used to be so heartfelt and inherent. The new single “Back To Me Again“ deals with just that and finally brings an almost forgotten song idea to light.

“Clouds” is a fast and uplifting retrowave anthem about chasing your dreams, failing and getting back up again. It centers the question whether staying in a safe job or taking the risk on a bumpy road through clouds of uncertainties.

This mix of vintage and modern synthesizers is mirrored in the production style that unifies typical 80s sounds in a contemporary surrounding, sonically comparable with artists like The Naked And Famous, NINA or Dagny.

“Levitate“ is a blend between modern Synthwave, Italo Disco and 80s-Rock. In other words: put the hits from The Midnight, La Bionda, Bon Jovi together and stir well.

Classic analog and digital synths, gritty vocals and a semi-acoustic arena rock drumset bring an energetic and upbeat genremix to the dancefloor. Tommy sings about failing and starting over again using the meme-worthy metaphor from videogame GTA „ah shit, here we go again“. The uplifting song and lyrics hint that there is positivity in every new beginning.

Levitate includes a huge vocal production with over 60 tracks ending in a big vocal canon in the outro.

Tommy Countach’s new single “Alright” is serving a mix between Synthwave and Nu-Disco with sonical influences from late 70s and early 80s funk records. In the song he sings "I wish I was better, (...) I wish it didn't matter" hinting at the urge to let loose in a highly demanding society. The dilemma to hide weaknesses and feelings to stay competitive and respected, but also knowing it is wrong and unhealthy. Nevertheless during the production phase Tommy changed the song from a ballad to a danceable mid tempo track to give the listener a more hopeful experience and bring an almost ironic context to the lyric.


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