Thought Beings - Aztec Records artist

Thought Beings are a collective of anonymous artists from California formed by lead singers Orion and Lemon.

With music inspired by Afro-Carribean, Hawaiian, and Japanese influences mixed with Synthwave, Synthpop, and colourful 80s nostalgia, Neon Beach is the band's third studio album, based on a short story written by the main producer.

Thought Beings embrace ancient esoteric mysteries by dressing them up in brightly colored 80s fashion and making them palatable to the world. Neon Beach is no different in its attempt to tell a deeply introspective story while dancing by the ocean in the neon lights. Neon Beach is fun, colourful, unapologetically retro, and full of ancient secrets.

Wavespell, released in 2022, is emotional, brooding, and cathartic, featuring swirling synths, deep guitars, and poignant vocals that create a retro musical grimoire for the modern age. Each song is a personal story of the human condition wrapped in a secret magic spell, inviting you to sit back and let it take you wherever you want to be.