The San Junipero Experience - Aztec Records artist

“One Summer” is the second single from the upcoming EP of the one-man project, The San Junipero Experience from Hungary coming in AUG 2023. The man behind the project, Balazs Specker played and programmed all the instruments, did all the vocals, wrote the lyrics, recorded, mixed and mastered the song under the undoubted influence of summer-themed 80s hits like “Cruel Summer” (Bananarama) or “The Boys of Summer” (Don Henley) both lyrically and musically.

The song is a retrowave ballad about the feeling only summer can offer. An intangible impression that anybody can easily relate to but is impossible to clearly define. Words of someone having the time of one's life, waking up with the feeling of the promise of a new day, being able to start again with a clean slate anytime and chasing dreams at full power become alive in an audible way in this tune.

Stories long forgotten and memories fading away come around once more to give the last glimpse and say farewell before disappearing forever. Just like a worn polaroid image, an old tape left in a walkman for decades - or even the ethereal vocals in this song - their proof of existence is fragile and mortal as we are. But the memento lives on, until its words are spread and streamed.

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