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SYST3M GLITCH - Aztec Records artist

Syst3m Glitch is Bobby Vickery, an American Vocalist, Producer and Remixologist from Daytona Beach. He has spent his last 20 years as a producer, engineer and session player for several studios in Central Florida. He came to the synthwave scene via Sonic Academy's Michael Oakley “Control” Remix contest, where he secured a win with his first track in the genre. During a recent interview with Riverside Radio in London, he shared, “I guess being an 80s baby and having that style of music etched into me at an early age just flipped a switch I didn't know I had when I found synthwave.”

In under just a year's time, we can confirm the switch has definitely been flipped, as he has gone on to win the title of “Best Newcomer” from the Forever Synth radio show and podcast. 100% of his released material to-date has found its way into radio shows, Twitch livestreams, or noteworthy YouTube mixes.

About the album Beyond Stars, Bobby says: “How strong do we prove ourselves to be when we have to pay the ultimate price for the ones we love? Everyone can tell this story, but I chose to tell it from outer space. Beyond Stars is a powerful story of fear, loss, bravery, and a love that refuses to give up. The journey unfolds as our two lovers sacrifice everything but each other to begin again somewhere Beyond Stars”.