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SYNTRONIX - Aztec Records artist

SYNTRONIX is the synthwave/retrowave project of Belgian producer Fabian Vanderlinden. After releasing ‘Solace’ with French songstress Chris KD, ‘Never’ with LAU in 2021 and the latest single, ‘Strangers Again’ with NY duo Bunny X, he’s ready to unleash his debut album ‘The Roots’ into the world.

The few instrumental tracks showcase Fabian’s production and writing abilities to their best, but the collaborations with other prominent figures of the Synthwave/Retrowave scene is where his songwriting talent really shines. Borrowing the vocal talent and songwriting skills of label mates Adam Siana (Runaway), Young Empress (Echo In The Dark) and Oblique (Day Off) proved to be the perfect match to Syntronix’s production mastery.

The Roots is a journey through nostalgic sounds and familiar soundscapes intertwined with new lyrical ideas and infectious melodies. The making of a future classic.

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