Sunglasses Kid - Aztec Records artist

Sunglasses Kid is a British music producer and electronic musician who has been making 80s inspired pop, synthwave and cinematic instrumentals since 2013.

His albums - Graduation (2015), Sophomore (2020), and Nightlife (2022) - cultivated a cult following in synthwave. Collaborating with artists like Ollie Wride, their track "Stranger Love" broke  mainstream UK TV's "Made In Chelsea" in 2020.

Sunglasses Kid has teamed up with notable musicians like Tim Cappello (80s movie "The Lost Boys" saxophonist), guitarist/composer Myrone, and Cobra Kai composer Zach Robinson. As a composer, Sunglasses Kid has written music for brands including Vogue, Tens sunglasses, Friday The 13th the game, Baby Audio, and Beats Bakery.

He has performed live alongside College, Timecop 1983, and UK rapper Cas Is Dead at venues including the iconic Melkweg (Amsterdam), London’s South Bank Centre, Clapham Grand and Here At Outernet.

In 2023, his social media surged with a unique approach to promote instrumental music using captions prompting fans to envision 80s movie scenes, all beginning with "P.O.V: It's the 80s and…" With over 250,000 Instagram Followers and 125,000 TikTok followers, to date, his videos have been Liked 1 million times on Tik Tok, and played more than 20 million times on Instagram in 2023 alone.

In 2023, Sunglasses Kid's social media presence attracted coverage from ABC Australia and WGN Morning News Chicago, and caught the interest of Grammy-winning producers and rappers wanting to flip his movie soundtrack-inspired style into projects for top-tier artists. His viral success also drew attention from notable figures like Matt Bellamy (Muse), Teddy Riley, Richard Marx, actors, comedians, filmmakers, and prominent politicians.

Sunglasses Kid is based in London, UK.