Sunglasses Kid is a British music producer, composer, performer and DJ based in London, England.

His music takes you out of the daily grind and into a world of pure nostalgia with a mix of vocal-driven pop and electronic instrumentals, influenced by the music, movies, and fashion of the late 80s and early 90s.

His debut album Graduation was released in 2017 and featured artists including Miranda Carey, I Am Harlequin, D/A/D, Myrone, SJ BRAVO, Phaserland and more.

Sunglasses Kid worked with Richard X (Sugar Babes, Liberty X) producing the synthwave hit, Beyond Memory for artist, NINA.

His follow-up album, Sophomore was released in 2020, which brought new collabs with artists including Ollie Wride, Primo The Alien, Iversen, and Tim Cappello, the legendary sexy sax man from 80s cult movie, The Lost Boys.

Sunglasses Kid's music can be heard on Made In Chelsea, and commercials for brands including Vogue, Tens sunglasses and Friday The 13th The Game.