Sight Telma Club - Aztec Records artist

Sight Telma Club is an artist and music composer with a unique creative vision. His sound is a combination of ambient, synthwave, post-rock and other styles, giving his songs a very cinematic twist. He recently announced the release of a new studio album, “The New Ancients”, which is going to follow up his previous EP, “Quarantine Soundtrack.”

This music could be described as atmospheric, but also quite energetic and diverse, with a lot of spontaneity on tap. Colourful, direct and unpredictable, this album feels like a fresh selection of spices, all working together in perfect harmony to create a unique sense of balance. With guest vocalist collaborations from LAU and Chris KD, this release allows many different styles to overlap - from the emotional depth of post-rock music, down to the catchy appeal of cinematic soundtrack scores, and pretty much anything in between. There are no boundaries to Sight Telma Club’s creativity, and this release is a testament to the artist’s willingness to set the bar higher and push music forward in terms of attitude and style.

The New Ancients is going to be a great musical match for fans of artists like Waveshaper, Mogwai, John Carpenter, or Hans Zimmer, among others.

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