Collection: NINA

NINA - Aztec Records artist

NINA aka Nina Boldt is a German singer-songwriter. Her music is a fusion of Pop, New Wave and Electronic music, often nostalgic in spirit.

Her 2018 debut album Sleepwalking features artist LAU (Laura Fares) and was produced by Oscillian, Richard X, The New Division and Sunglasses Kid. Sleepwalking creates the illusion of timelessness over eleven tracks as it rejuvenates an 80s synthwave musical aesthetic while simultaneously presenting a modern pop vibe. NINA’s lyrical depth paired with instrumentals that are both dynamic and delicate create a quality sonic experience.

Synthian is NINA's second album in collaboration with LAU, Oscillian, Richard X, Ricky Wilde and Till Wild.

Synthian—The Remixes features big players like Robert Parker, Das Mörtal Highway Superstar, Sung and Maethelvin as well as Aztec's very own Zenith Volt and Ends 84. The opening track deserves special attention since it gets a very rocky treatment from Ricky Wilde and features the legendary Kim Wilde on additional vocals.

On The Beginning, NINA presents the singles and b-sides that started it all, including NINA's four seminal songs in digital and physical formats plus the addition of instrumentals. These are NINA's earliest releases introduced to a new generation of fans and adepts. Also included is the iconic Blondie’s Heart Of Glass reimagined as a Synthwave anthem.