Collection: MORPHOICE

Morphoice - Aztec Records artist

Following the success of Strange Nights and Cara Keeps Running, German-based synthwave producer MORPHOICE finally releases his debut album Vinyl City, a love letter to the Blade Runner inspired cyberpunk culture and 80s music alike—featuring the vocal talents of Syst3m Glitch, Clint Alford, and Mayah Camara along with saxophone performances by The Midnight’s very own Jesse Molloy and German multi-instrumentalist Tim Eden.                                  

Vinyl City was produced over the course of a year in lockdown and mastered at the world-renowned Abbey Road Studios. The album loosely follows the story of maverick hacker girl Cara Chase, a character from the artist’s work-in-progress cyberpunk novel of the same name, addressing her struggle with lost love and corporate oppression in the future city of Tokyo 2086. Each song prominently features different iconic vintage synthesizers, creating a lush cinematic sonic melange between neon-drenched memories of yesteryear and retrofuturistic fantasies.

Vinyl City has been a lifelong dream and not only marks a new chapter of personal and musical growth for the artist but also spawned deep friendships and faith amongst the collaborators. MORPHOICE dives deeply into 80s retro nostalgia and cyberesque visions of the future alike, shrouded in pink and purple neon light.