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Michaela May - Aztec Records artist

Michaela May is a Scottish singer, songwriter and actress based in Toronto, Canada. Michaela is back with her first single “Crying At The Radio” from her forthcoming EP.

Her previous releases have been featured and championed frequently by pop tastemakers such as Popjustice, Breathe Heavy, Popdust and Ultimate Music. “1954,” “Lights Out,” and “You & I” were supported by radio in Canada and Australia and featured in the Netflix hit show, “Kim’s Convenience.”

Michaela’s songwriting skills have been recognised by some of the best in the business as she has written with Grammy and Oscar winning producer James Napier (Sam Smith – Stay With Me, I’m Not The Only One), Heather Holley (Christina Aguilera), Simon Ellis (Britney Spears, Spice Girls, S Club 7), Silverland (Sting) and Will Simms (Little Mix and The Pussycat Dolls) to name just a few.

Michaela’s forthcoming EP will be out in Spring 2023, followed by a small North American and European tour of select cities this coming summer.​

“Most songs wouldn’t go a miss on an A-Lister album. Top notch songwriting from May.” - Popjustice

"Welcome to your newest guilty pleasure. Uplifting and anthemic.” - Breathe Heavy

“Michaela out-schools Perry, Ed Sheeran and The Chainsmokers at their own game. If she doesn’t break out ASAP, that might be the biggest tragedy this decade.” - B-Sides & Badlands

"80s-vibey-anthemic greatness.” - Popdust

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