Collection: KIDBURN

KIDBURN - Aztec Records artist

Based in Sardinia (Italy), Kidburn (AKA Alberto Mulas) is a multi-instrumentalist, singer and producer that has established himself as one of the best producers in the “Vocal Synthwave”.

Kidburn’s music has its roots in the 80s pop/rock genre but with a modern feel and modern themes. His vocal timbre draws from George Michael and his guitar playing style from Keith Scott and Brian May.

He delivered hits like “Need Your Loving Tonight”, “Tin Soldiers”, “This Could Be Love” and worked with many successful artists of the Synthwave scene such as Kalax.

His albums "Three" and "Love In Times Of Death" have just been released on CD by Aztec Records (May 2024).

Synthwave legend Timecop1983: “KIDBURN's voice is perfect, the production is good, the guitar solo’s rock and the songs are energetic and romantic. We have a star on the rising!”