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Jay Diggs - Aztec Records artist

American R & B/Pop singer, producer and songwriter Jay Diggs began his life as a musician at the early age of 8 years old in Washington, DC. Being the son of an accomplished jazz bassist, it was only a matter of time before he decided a career in music was what he wanted.

His music often features elements of Soul, Jazz, R&B and Funk. He began rapping and making beats in his dad's home studio. Growing up in the 90s, Justin gravitated towards the rising hip-hop movement, not knowing that he also had a knack for singing. Learning how to play the piano opened his world to R & B production. In hopes to build his musical skills, he also learned the bass, played drums in the marching band and played piano in church.

College was a turning point. At Full Sail University, he learned how to engineer and work in a professional recording studio. His continuous efforts led to him producing and writing music for major artists and TV shows such as Keke Palmer and Bad Girls Club.

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