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Fēnix - Aztec Records artist

FĒNIX is the solo project of Carlow (Ireland) multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer Darragh O’Connor. Describing his sound as “big beats and sexy synths”, FĒNIX leans heavily on Synthwave and 80s vibes to create melody-driven alt-pop.

The release of his debut single ‘Alive’ is something of a new beginning for FĒNIX, as he explains: “With other musical projects coming to an end, I thought I’d have a dig through the countless drafts on my computer, and like most musicians I’ve got loads of unfinished and unreleased songs… I wrote some of them over 10 years ago! I’ve always preferred to remain in the background for bands and projects as I’ve got real imposter syndrome when it comes to my music. But coming out of the pandemic, I just decided to finally back myself and start putting my own music out there. I guess that’s where the name FĒNIX (phoenix) comes from…. the idea of obtaining new life by rising from the ashes of a former self.”

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