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Fake Rokerz - Aztec Records artist

Fake Rokerz is a French duo composed of Anthony, an Electro producer and member of "The Aerodynamikz", and François, a Rock guitarist. They got together to create an explosive cocktail of Electro Pop, very much inspired by bands like Depeche Mode, Metronomy and Daft Punk.

Fake Rokerz intention is to blend their influences and nostalgic inspirations adding a modern twist. Anthony fell in love with the French Touch movement around Daft Punk at the end of the 90s, while François was perfecting his guitar playing in high school bands, inspired by the songs of Red Hot Chili Peppers.

Eventually finding their home in the retro-futuristic sound, "Lady (Hear Me Tonight)" is their Retrowave take on the classic Modjo’s hit of the early 2000s.


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