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Emily Zuzik - Aztec Records artist

Emily Zuzik is a dynamic vocalist and Los Angeles singer-songwriter and guitarist by way of San Francisco, Austin, and New York City. She’s toured acoustically, led rock bands, co-written with songwriters and electronica producers alike and licensed works for TV and film.

She has co-written with Tim Lefebvre, Ted Russell Kamp, Moby, Enchanted Kids and Jimmy Lavalle (The Album Leaf) among many others. The Pittsburgh native has released seven records and toured across the US and UK.

Her album "Torch & Trouble" has been praised by American Songwriter, Relix, Americana Highways, Guitar Girl Magazine and radio tastemaker, Nic Harcourt, who featured "Get It Right" on his Los Angeles radio show. It appeared as fave album of 2020 in Americana Highways and Twangville, and “Trouble” won Best Song 2020 from Radio Wigwam.

Recently, Zuzik launched the synth side project "Woves" with Josh Ricchio and Kolby Wade. Zuzik planted her musical roots in a unique eclectic blend of alt-country, modern, rhythm & blues and rock music. Her voice is warm as she seduces the listener in a way reminiscent of Sheryl Crow and Liz Phair. She has worked with several other downtempo artists over the years including Moby, Sizzlax, Solid Stone, The Looking, Acacia Downs and Will Pharaoh.

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