Collection: COASTAL


Coastal are Aaron Hetherington and Jonathan Fletcher.

Hailing from Leeds in the United Kingdom, the duo’s journey has taken them from fronting a Hardcore inspired metal band to now taking a leap into the 80s synth scene. Taking inspiration from their past exploits to make the genre their own, they are currently releasing music through Aztec Records.

After making an instant impression with their debut release, Memories, Coastal are back with their sophomore effort; Heartbeats.

Memories, the debut album from Coastal, is deeply nostalgic for a time you've never known. It captures the sounds that popularised 80s music and blend them with modern production and songwriting techniques, incorporating heavy aesthetics and themes of love and heartbreak into their evocative lyrics.

Heartbeats, Coastal’s second full length title released on 5th May 2023, is an album very much for living in the present; focusing on what you are and what you have in your life there and then. Memories was an album for reflecting on the past. Heartbeats is for the ‘here and now’.

From the summer-soaked ocean drive single in Red Skies to the star-drenched, sax laden Constellations, Heartbeats is an album layered with variety whilst retaining Coastal’s signature retro sound.