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Bunny X - Aztec Records artist

Bunny X, based in New York City, are inspired by the music, film and culture of the 1980s. In contrast to their 80s retropop-leaning and John Hughes’ inspired debut album, Young & In Love, released in October 2021 with Aztec Records, their sophomore record, Love Minus 80, explores a darker and more introspective side of Bunny X. Love Minus 80 is a concept-driven collection of songs that were inspired by a number of science fiction/fantasy novels, films and television shows, many of which were published or released in the 1970s and 1980s. 

On Love Minus 80, Bunny X has again collaborated with synthwave genre heavyweights SelloRekt / LA Dreams on two tracks - “Chiba City Blues” and “Breaking Away (Song for Chevette & Rydell) - and with Don Dellpiero on “Love is an Empire.” Bunny X has also joined forces with fellow labelmates Thought Beings on the title track “Love Minus 80.” And, after the successful collaboration on their debut album, Bunny X has reunited with NYC-based Billboard #1 charting producer Gosteffects on Love Minus 80

Bunny X has long had a passionate interest in and affinity for the sci-fi/fantasy genre and, following the success of their retrowave track “Unknown Places,” about an interstellar romance, released independently in 2018, they decided to delve deeper into similar territory on Love Minus 80.


Love Minus 80 (The Remixes) - Bunny X

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Out 15th December 2023