Alessandra Boldrini - Aztec Records artist

 Italian-born Alessandra Boldrini's calling has always involved music. Starry-eyed and ready to turn dreams into reality, she packed her bags and headed to the UK in 2016 to pursue a degree at BIMM Institute. Since then, she's gone on to amass over half a million streams across her tracks and positioned herself as one of Pop's most exciting rising stars.

Inspired by the likes of Dua Lipa, Nonô, Mimi Webb, and Clean Bandit, Boldrini's EDM-meets-Pop sound pivots around her enchanting yet confident vocal palette that oozes with charisma. Showcasing a vocal maturity way beyond her years, Alessandra Boldrini's lyricism explores the human mind, often subconsciously writing songs from the perspective of others.

Releasing her latest single “Neighbour’s Door", Alessandra Boldrini delivers a bold and refreshing take on pop music. The release is a striking blend of songwriting, rhythm, euphoria, and a wave of emotions. The pop track contains every element to get listeners hooked, reminiscing, and ultimately motivated. Boldrini’s voice delivers light that will hypnotise listeners.

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